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How much does it cost to be a NSNA member?

The current membership enrollment fee is $25

Recurring dues is $10/quarter

Am I allowed to attend a meeting without being a member?


We encourage you to drop in and introduce yourself.

Use the Get In Touch form to let us know you’re interested and we’ll send you Zoom meeting details.

What are the open profession positions?

Refer to our members showcase to review the professions covered by active members.

If you do not see a current member with the same profession as you, drop us a line!

What is the attendance policy?

Members are required to let Ron (president) know in advance if they will miss an upcoming meeting.

Members have the opportunity to inform the group (by email) that they will be absent.

We are not strict about attendance, but expect members to have no more than three absences per quarter.

A member’s profile may be removed from the NSNA member listing on the fourth absence and his/her profession position will be considered up for grabs.

What is the NSNA weekly meeting format?
  • NSNA meetings are one hour in length (8:30 – 9:30 on Thursday mornings)
  • Each member provides a 90 second ‘infomercial’ – an opportunity to share a client story or request a specific referral opportunity
  • We take turns providing a 10 minute business spotlight presentation
    (typically 2 -3 turns a year)
  • We occasionally collaborate in ‘Mastermind’ sessions for members who wish to present a business challenge they are facing
  • We usually close with acknowledgements – “thank yous” to our fellow members for referrals or assistance

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